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hello promo core services apparel


We can help you choose the right apparel pieces based on the price point, fabric, features and fit that best serves your needs.

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hello promo core services branded merchandise

Branded Merchandise

We procure promotional merchandise, sales incentives and whatever else our clients need to promote their image, tackle marketing objectives, and build brand awareness. We will help you engage your audience and drive your brand message with the perfect merchandise for your specific need.

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hello promo core services swag


Stuff We All Get. From small to large scale events we will help you pick out the perfect merchandise that fits your messaging.

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hello promo core services design


Packaging has an important part in your promotional products campaign – it’s the ribbon that ties everything together and enhances the customer experience. Packaging is not just a vessel for your merchandise, it’s a powerful brand messenger. The package is the first experience your audience will have with your brand, give them a reason to be excited to open the box, letter or whatever it may be that they just received.

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hello promo core services print


Paper based products and branded merchandise enjoy a synergistic relationship. We will help you design print campaigns that tie together everything from your business cards to the SWAG you distribute at tradeshows, events and as mailers.

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hello promo core services company stores

Company Stores

Online company stores result in a significant increase in brand participation by making branded merchandise available to your supporters at the click of a mouse. We offer custom tailored stores that tie in with your organizations current branding and mission. Your Online Company Store will allow you to quickly get your company’s branded merchandise to the people who need it most.

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